Non Asbesto Paper

CMP 400

UUse: Water, water vapor, gases, oil, chemicals.

- Maximum pressure: 507Psi.
- Maximum temperature: 360 ºC
- Permanent: 130°C (vapor 110)
- Short time: 400 ºC
- Widths: 1/64´´, 1/32´´, 1/16´´, 3/32´´, 1/8´´, 3/16´´ y 1/4´´.
- Dimensions (in): 60´´ x 60´


Interface 2331 is a low density material fabricated with recycled fiber containing SBR binders. Recommended for general applications.

Only for temperatures below 120°C.


N-8094 is a low-density material that adjusts to irregular flange surfaces and has resistance while trying to compress it at high flange pressures. It is destined for sealing oils, fuels and water combined with temperatures with a maximum duration of 180ºC.

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