Maylar - Fish Paper

Fish Paper is the name for the electrical grade of Vulcanized Fibre. Fish Paper has unique properties, including light weight, and ease of forming and punching.

Fish Paper is also unique because it is more resistant to heat and cold than comparable plastic materials.

While many plastics become brittle or cracked in cold temperatures, Fish Paper retains its strength and resilience. At high temperatures, many plastics lose strength or soften, while Fish Paper retains its strength to 115 C and beyond.

Fish Paper has excellent punchability and physical strength, for applications like end laminations for electric motors. Fish Paper is also excellent for use in oil-filled environments such as transformers.

Fish Paper has been the first choice of the electrical industry for over 100 years. It is available in sheets, rolls, or slit to coils of any width.

You may also know it as "Leatheroid". Some parts of Europe and Asia use the term Leatheroid instead of Fish Paper. Fish Paper was also sold under the tradenames Armite and Peerless.


Vulcanized Fibre can be used for washers, insulating plates, switch and appliance insulation, electric motor insulation, gaskets, automobile parts, luggage, patterns, and many other applications. Its properties include:

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Resistance to Heat and Cold, superior to most plastics
  • Light Weight, Half the weight of Aluminum
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Good Arc Resistance
  • Excelente Resistencia a la ruptura
  • Excellent Tear Resistance

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