PORON ® Microcellular Urethane Foams offer a wide range of design solutions for gasket absorption, sealment, vibration, shock-absorption, sound and energy vibrations. Low compresion and low gas emition, are also characteristics considered ideal for communication aides, industrial devices in automotion, electronics and other kinds.


Rogers is the first option in products that are required for technologically superior gaskets and sealment. Because we understand the sector dynamics and we will give a competitive advantage.

Bisco ® silicone foams is a complete range of solid, cellular and special materials and products made in rolls to use for:

  • • Thermic shield gaskets
  • • Fire Stops
  • • Seals
  • • Cushions
  • • Sealed for a wide variety of applications

Bisco ® silicone foams can be used for a higher performance in:

  • • Extreme temperature resistance
  • • UV rays resistance
  • • Outdoor ozone resistance
  • • Extreme mechanical fatigue resistance
  • • Excellent compression set and fluency resistance


Roll or plate presentation from 1mm to 2 3/8 mm of thickness. It can be manufactured with adhesive. Neoprene Foam is a soft material that has a durable, flexible garnish-shape made out of rubber foam that provides thermic and humidity isolation. It is resistent to ozone, sun light, oxidation, many chemical products and petroleum products. Neoprene can resist water, outdoors, and thanks to its unique molecular composition, it can be isolated. Our neoprene comes in regular and high quality densities.

Among the practical uses of neoprene foam are in sports equipment like gloves, boots, suits, knee and elbow pads. Among the industrial use, it can work as a padding for isolation, brickwork and reinforced concrete filling. It is also used for the articulations that support traffic. Another use for the neoprene rubber is that it can act as a sound barrier for walls, ceilings and floors, and its even more efficient when it is applied in a multiple layer construction scheme.

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